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Monday, June 02, 2014

Chartered Accountants: Forensic Accountants & Litigation Support Specialists

Stephen Harris has been engaged in forensic accountancy since 1979. Quite simply, this is the application of accountancy skills and knowledge to assist in the resolution of legal disputes.

Stephen established his own practice in 1994 and since then has continued to specialise in this area. He has been instructed in a very large number of cases and these have included many of high value. Some have been widely reported in the media and in professional journals.

A large part of the work arises from claims for damages following personal injury or fatal accident, or losses from business interruption and similar incidents. For further details see "Areas of Work". Instructions are received either from those advising the claimant or those advising the defendant, or jointly.

The practice acts for solicitors throughout the UK and some have been clients of Stephen Harris for more than 20 years.

Much of the work culminates in reports addressed to the Court, having been commissioned by the party instructing Stephen Harris & Co. Sometimes the reports are of an advisory nature to the instructing party. In other cases, Stephen Harris acts as single joint expert, reporting to both parties simultaneously. He has given evidence in Court on eight occasions since 1989.

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